You’ve Never Seen A Dude Get Knocked Out And Off His Feet Like This Moron

Animated GIF version here.

This is what happens when you spend all day talking shit to little kids on Xbox Live from the safety of your bean bag chair and think you can do the same thing live and in real time.

Boop. Bleep. Smash and night night.

Neckbeard down with Sour Patch Kids and Cheese-Its falling out of his cargo shorts.

Context of the knockout as provided by a redditor:

Context, the guy that got knocked out was drunk as fuck and starting fights with people. After being a douchenozzle and punching a bunch of people, someone finally had enough of his shit and saw an opening and knocked him out.

Guy against the tree that got punched tried to kick him while he was down, crowd stopped him and everyone recognized that it was over. Everyone took selfies with him on the ground, cops came, arrested his drunk ass.

This guy.


That awkward moment when you get punched in the face for the first time as a 36 year-old guy, your brain shuts off and your body enters glitch mode.

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