You’re Doing It Wrong: 10 Great Camera Failures

A few of these aren’t really camera failures per se, but they fit well within this list thematically, so I felt it was necessary to include them.

But since I know that no one reads anything I ever write, opting instead to look at all the shiny pictures, a bunch of jackasses will cry in the comments section about how binoculars or a telescope isn’t a camera.

C’mon stupid, I know binoculars aren’t a camera.

10. The Eric Capon

9. She Just Wanted A Pic Of Her Cataract…

8. Take Your Daughter’s Panties To Work Day

7. That’s Not A Kaleidoscope Mr. President

6. Don’t Even Think About Stealing This Sign

5. Again With The Cataract, Really?

4. She’s Actually Looking Into The Past, It’s Science

3. Trying To Review The Pics She Just Took

2. It’s Actually One Of Those James Bond Camera Guns

1. Or Is That Just Your Normal Face?

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