Woman Falls Into Mall Fountain While Texting, Sues

Pictured above is Cathy Cruz Marrero, the female YouTube sensation who fell into a Pennsylvania mall fountain while texting on her cell phone and not paying attention to where she was going.

While the internet laughs at her own stupidity, Marrero doesn’t find the humor in the wet and extremely embarassing ordeal.

Instead she claims she could have been seriously injured, like super injured even, and is suing the Berkshire Mall on the grounds that security laughed at her instead of helping — which is the same route the judge will likely take.


The same thing happened to me last week. I was texting on my iPhone and when I looked up, the car I was driving slammed into a motorcycle and consequently I crashed into the 101 center divider. I could have been seriously injured like the guy on the bike so I’m suing California.

Actually I’m only suing Arnold, not Jerry Brown because I’m Dem.

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