Why David Beckham And The LA Galaxy Can’t Save Soccer In America

American’s don’t like soccer. For whatever reason, soccer is to life, what the screwdriver is to drinking – you do it when you’re a kid, and when you grow up, you look back on it and wonder what you were thinking. I don’t know what it is, but soccer makes about as much sense as ice hockey. And when David Beckham signed a $250 five year deal with the LA Galaxy, the fact that it made no sense at all, all made sense.

David and Victoria Beckham are, at least to Americans, celebrities not affiliated with soccer. And while David Beckham is to soccer, what Lindsay Lohan isn’t to acting, there is no way to combine the two within the American mind.

The fans of David and/or Victoria Beckham are not soccer fans. So why should the average Angelino waste their day going to a Galaxy game when they can get everything they want to see on the internet? pictures of Victoria at the game are just as good, if not better than actually being at the game – at least to the average American. You get to see all of the celebrity goodness you want, without any of the boring, athletic sport being played – it’s perfect. And don’t be offended, this is a respectable frame of mind (we are talking about soccer after all).

So the reason why Beckham signed a $250 deal with the Los Angeles Galaxy was because Galaxy owners were trying to attract fans by bringing a celebrity to a city devoid of celebrities – Los Angeles. But because no 16 year old, poster-girl, emo-celebfan would ever go to see the Galaxy (who have since raised their already overpriced rates because they have to pay off the Beckman), soccer in Los Angeles is as doomed as it already is in the rest of America.

But without further ado, I present what you were really looking for: pictures of Victoria Beckham (and Eva Longoria) at the LA Galaxy game (even though they’re not that great).

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