What Your 2009 Halloween Costume Really Said About You

Our buddies at The Taco put together a pretty funny/accurate list, breaking down the cliche 2009 Halloween costumes.

Here’s an excerpt:

Lady Gaga


What You Thought It Said:

Hey, look at me! I’m up-to-date on general pop culture knowledge! I tore the hood off of my eskimo coat and put googly eyes on it all by myself, and I even bought large, stupid sunglasses because that’s how crafty and creative I am.

What It Really Said:

I always follow crowds and do whatever is trendy and cool at the moment, so why wouldn’t I wear the most popular costume of 2009?  That’s how I fit in!

What People Said About You:

“That’s the chubbiest Lady Gaga I’ve seen all night.”

For the complete list, head on over to Holy Taco.

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