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Ward, Cutler Keeping Busy Without Football

With no NFL predictions to make until the lockout issue is resolved, betting players and fans alike have had to watch their favorite stars come up with other ways of getting in the public eye. One much-maligned player is using their wealth for good, and another seems next in the line of NFL-players-turned-reality-television stars.

Chicago’s Jay Cutler took a lot of heat for not playing through a knee injury when the Bears lost to rival Green Bay in the playoffs, but you can’t fault him for this. Cutler, along with girlfriend Kristin Cavallari from “The Hills” and “Laguna Beach”, recently traveled to Kenya to help rebuild schools in the poverty-stricken country. This should aid Cutler with his image rehabilitation, but we get the feeling that he doesn’t really care either, which actually works out even more in his favor.

hines ward dancing with the stars

Emmitt Smith won “Dancing With The Stars”, while Jerry Rice, Jason Taylor and Warren Sapp have all finished second in the competition. Now, Hines Ward of Pittsburgh seems to be next as he and partner Kym Johnson have the highest score among all competitors through four dances, and their average score of 23.5 is also the best in the event.

Ward has shown a natural affinity for dancing and he’s a very quick learner, so there is no reason that he shouldn’t make it very far in the latest season of “Dancing With The Stars”. The only thing that seems like it’ll be able to stop Ward and Johnson is an injury, and we don’t know about Johnson, but Ward has never played less than 13 games in a season for the Steelers and he didn’t miss a game for the first eight seasons of his career. Expect to see Ward standing tall when it’s all said and done.

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