Vagina ripped apart by water fountain

Universal City Walk has water fountains that kids run through with their friends, trying not to get hit by the jets of water that eject through small holes in the ground. It’s fun for the kids–but for Yang, a 19 year-old college student–fun can’t explain her experience in August of 2007.

Yang was at the town square in the Henan Province of China watching the musical fountain show with some friends, dancing around the light bursts of water and enjoying herself when from below her a jet erupted, projecting her above the heads of her friends.

When she landed, Yang was bleeding profusely and her energy succumbed to extreme stomach pains–her friends called for help and she was immediately taken to the hospital for treatment. The doctor explained that her vagina had been torn and her intestines had been damaged by the pressure of the water fountain–damage that would take three surgeries over a seven month span to correct.

Though her scars will be with her for life, she believes suing for $24,500 will help reconcile her poor decision making.

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