Top ten moments in fat kid history

Many youngsters have something about their physical appearance that they wish they could change, except maybe Zach Morris from Saved by the Bell, God he’s gorgeous. Some kids have acne, some are too short, and others have glasses (some are even unfortunate enough to have red hair).

Given that nobody is perfect, some higher power has blessed us with a scapegoat for all of our shortcomings, the fat kid. Whatever physical attribute you may have which draws ridicule, there is always the fat kid to vent your anger on. So if you have an inverted butt nose like Gerard Depardieu, or if you’re like James Carville and look like Golum from the Lord of the Rings, then here are some videos that might cheer you up.

1) “I had a mark for like…….20 minutes!” Holy Cow, and no I don’t mean the kid. Mom needs to lay one on him that will last 20 days not 20 minutes.

2) Jesus Christ this little pork rind is making me nervous just watching him! He looks like he’s about to lose his lunch, his brothers lunch and the lunch he stole from the guy dressed as Tigger.

3) Picking on the fat kid at its best. My Spanish is sub par at best but you really don’t need to speak the language in order to figure out what Juanito here is saying.

4) You go out into the woods with your friends. One of your buddies has a video camera and the other has an airsoft gun. Now maybe it’s because a**holes can smell their own, but you couldn’t have paid me to drag my fat ass into the middle of a creek and act like a douche bag on a tiny little boulder and expect nothing to happen. Social Darwinism at its best my friends.

5) I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that this video was posted on the internet and that people find it amusing or that the kids parents allowed him to A) Be filmed B) Make Rosie O’Donnell look like Calista Flockhart.

6) You know when you’re about to go on a roller coaster and they have those signs that say you need to be at least this tall? After this I’m starting to wonder if they should have a similar sign that reads, “you need to be less than this wide.”

7) Why you never act cocky when you’re fat, tuck your shirt in and have red hair. That’s like a nerd trifecta.

8) This father is an absolute genius! Think about, your kid is a little chubby and maybe he doesn’t like physical activity all that much. The solution is quite simple; just scare the calories right out of him. Perform this 3-4 times a day and he’ll be skinnier than Lara Flynn Boyle’s thigh.

9) This little gem of a video is old but cannot be discounted. Apparently “Star Wars Kid’s” family filed a lawsuit against the students who posted the video on the internet. Come on, if you found a video like this laying around your film class could you keep it to yourself? Hell no! After finding this, once I had cleaned myself up from having laughed so hard I s**t my pants, I would have slammed it right on youtube! The kids who gave this beautiful gift to the world should be rewarded not sued!

10) I wonder if this kid prefers his chicks with bound feet? Chinese television is naturally funny because it’s Chinese. Throw a little fat kid into the mix and it’s cinematic genius. It’s videos like these that truly show the genius and artistic qualities a producer must have.

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