Top 7 Reasons To leave Wild Animals Alone

[digg-me]Next time you’re riding your elephant through African jungles, be prepared for tigers to attack. You think you’re going to have a calm and relaxing tour, and all of a sudden a tiger flies through the air and bites you in the face. Then it flies to the rest of your party and bites everyone in the neck, even biting elephant trunks all the while. Its a catastrophe.

This is why you should go for the electric window upgrade on your African Safari. Its worth it not to have to worry about Jaguars climbing in through your windows.

It really goes without saying, but this is the exact reason why you shouldn’t go lion hunting in Africa. It’s just a mean thing to do guys, oh, and this might happen.

And when you bring your tiger to a press conference, make sure you have the leash securely tied.

This is why you shouldn’t bring a friend with a video camera along on your game hunt. No one wants to relive something this embarrassing. Beat up by a deer? Really?

And if you were thinking of heading out to Point Dume or Tressels for a surfing sesh, just imagine this as you’re waiting for that set to come in.

And finally, if a Lion can take this Giraffe down, it can certainly take you down. So if you get a chance to go on that safari, don’t go Lion hunting.

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