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Top 7 Insane Chromed Out Cars

7. Chrome Audi A8


The vehicle is frequently and incorrectly called the .999 Silver Car, when in actuality, the owner of this Audi A8 from Dubai commissioned MTM, an automotive customization shop in Wettstetten, Germany to polish the nude metal body of the vehicle which gives it the silver-like finish.


The MTM website discusses the process used in shoddy English, “In Dubai the MTM Audi A8 polished was the eye-catcher. The car was analyzed and in many studies the enamel varnish of the aluminum car body was removed.

Furthermore the car was cleaned. After that, the car body was polished with fine abrasive paper as well as special polishes to high gloss. The blank dress must not have any defects, because of the fact that retouching was not possible. Finally the car was protected with special clear varnish against environmental impacts.”

“Because of the fact that it is impossible to polish plastic parts like front – and rear spoiler, mirror house, side sillboard or also fuel tank cap, they were enameled in a complex way to get a chrome effect. Finally they were polished with clear varnish.”

6. 50 Cent’s Chrome Lamborghini Murcielago


50 Cent’s chrome Lamborghini Murcielago was sold with just over 1000 miles on ebay for $310,000 in August of 2007.

The vehicle features black leather with gray stitching, black carpet, E-gear and unlike the Chrome A8, the vehicle is painted with a chrome style paint called MirraChrome produced by the finishing company Asla Corp.

It’s whereabouts are unknown.

chrome_murcielago_1 chrome_murcielago_4 mar2lam_5 mar2lam_2

5. Gold Porsche 911 Cabriolet


While not a lot is known about the origins of this golden Porsche 911 Cab, we do know that the car is garaged in Russia and that it sports roughly 40 lbs. of solid gold in its finish.

Gaudy, no?

gold-porsche-911-996-cabriolet-41 gold-porsche-911-996-cabriolet-31 gold-porsche-911-996-cabriolet-8 gold-porsche-911-996-cabriolet-7 gold-porsche-911-996-cabriolet-6

4. Chrome Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano

2416491_1926_full 2416491_1927_full

3. Gold Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano Hamann


Ferrari 599 GTB, modified by German tuner Hamann.

More photos here.

gold_ferrari_18-610x453 gold_ferrari_17-610x458 gold_ferrari_16-610x406 gold_ferrari_15-610x460 gold_ferrari_13-610x457 gold_ferrari_10-610x406

2&1. Swarovski Crystal Gold SL600 & Silver SL600 by DAD

Easily two of the most excessively modified cars on display at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2009 were the Gaudy-Luxury Crystal Benz’s. Each  Mercedes-Benz SL600 was studded with a few hundred-thousand Swarovski crystals and covered every inch of their exteriors in addition to accentuating their interiors.

Gold or Silver? Take your pick.

Both vehicles were modified by Garson/D.A.D.

swarovski_crystal_silver_sl600_by_dad_33-800-600 swarovski_crystal_silver_sl600_by_dad_32-800-600 swarovski_crystal_silver_sl600_by_dad_18-800-600 dad_swarovski_covered_gold_sl600_24-800-600 dad_swarovski_covered_gold_sl600_9-800-600 dad_swarovski_covered_gold_sl600_1-800-600

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