Top 5 Sex Products That Shouldn’t Be


When it comes to sex and looking sexy, people cross many lines in order to cash in on the desperate. Ever wanted to shove Mel Gibson up your ass? You can do it with celebrity butt plugs. Unhappy with the way your nipples or your camel-toe looks through your clothing? Well there are fixes for those issues too.

On that note, here are the Top 5 Sex Products That Shouldn’t Be.

5. Celebrity Butt Plugs


Ever wanted to shove George W. Bush up your ass? No? How about Mel Gibson? Well now you can whether you want to or not with Celebrity Butt Plugs. Currently available models are George W. Tush, Smell Gibson (special limited multi-colored Braveheart edition), and Parass Hilton.

4. iBuzz


The iBuzz is designed for anyone who loves loving their hand while listening to their favorite Elliot Smith tracks on their first generation iPod shuffle.

Turn on you iPod, plug in your iBuzz, and Elliot Smith will be singing your favorite depressing songs directly into your vagina (or penis via detachable penis ring).

3. Hida Bust Pudding


Is this food or some kind of squirt gun?

2. The Beauty Nipple


Made for use in warm climates only. Use in cold climates can lead to the 4-nipple udder effect.

1. Cuchini – Our Lips Are Sealed!


Camel-toe-be-gone is currently available for women only. Camel-tail-be-gone available Q3 2010.

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