Top 5 Megan Fox TV roles

megan-fox-hed is essentially the posthumous pre-op butt-baby of television/celebrity blogs that now saturate themselves with the mind-numbingly explicit crotch shots of fallen glam celebs Britney Spears, and most recently, Lindsay Lohan.

It’s refreshing–and I mean that even when making reference to Tenacious D’s not-so-mainstream short film of Kyle Gass’ LSD/EPT induced rectal birth.

WarmingGlow explains–

“Before she was photographed by paparazzi 18 hours a day, Fox was just a rising teen starlet trying to land TV roles.  And although lists are a simplistic crutch for people without expository writing skills, everyone on the Internet seems to like them, so here.  Here’s a damn list.  These are Megan Fox’s Top Five television roles, as determined by me using completely arbitrary criteria that I won’t divulge.  What are you gonna do?  Disagree?”

Head on over now for more foxy Megan Fox.

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