5 Great Football Celebration Fails

Being that I’ve spent my entire life living in Los Angeles, four of those years being at a Karl Dorrell led UCLA, I really have no football team to root for.

And as you can imagine, particularly if you’re from the greater LA area, when you have no team to root for, you either root for a) skull exploding hits, b) individual players failing their teams (a la Tony Romo’s season ending fumbled snap) or c) Notre Dame’s Jimmy Clausen accomplishing both a) and b) on an every-Saturday basis (things are looking pretty good for option c) thus far).

Because there simply aren’t enough minutes in the day to watch the dismemberment of Clausen, here are 5 great football celebration fails.

5. The – 40 Yard Dash

It’s not really a celebration fail per se, but still, everybody wants this guy on their team. let the recruitment process begin…

4. Cougars Don’t Leave Balls Unrecovered

Especially when the Cougars are desperate…

3. Wrong Endzone, Buddy

Some careers end with injury, but Jim Marshall’s career comes to an end after a successful fumble recovery.

2. Desean Jackson Is Premature

This isn’t going to make Andy Reid very happy…

1. Hall Of Fame Type Fail

If you could be inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame for anything but being a great player, this is what would earn your bid.

It’s easily the greatest single play in football history.

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