Top 5 Stupid Lifted Cars

5. Lifted Smart Car

I understand the novelty, it’s like lifting a golf cart – but this, like cocaine, has got to be God’s way of telling you, “you have too much money.”

Which would you choose: the Smart Car or the DeLorean.

4. Lifted VW Bus

To me this is quite a contradiction. When I think of a VW Bus, I think of Nor-Cal potheads, but when I think of lifted trucks/cars, I think of southern rednecks: Hippes vs. Country Folk, Liberals vs. Conservatives.I guess this guy just had to have the best of both worlds.

This could be the reason why it’s conveniently wedged between the house and the fence, a la Austin Powers.

3. The Colossal Camry

Like #4, this owner wanted two things but could only afford one.

What it says about its owner: “I prefer a safe, low maintenance car that gets great gas mileage, but I’ve heard that chicks only like guys in lifted trucks. Why not have both? Now when I ford the river in my backyard, I can do so with comfort and class… Just don’t punch me in the face, please.”

2. 40″ Rims

The upside: You have 40″ rims.
The downside: You have 40″ rims.

1. WTF Is That Car

How you make this: Balance your ’82 hatchback on top of your lawnmower, or do the same to your 1833 Covered Wagon.

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