Top 10 Worst Drivers

[digg-me]1. Come on old man, we don’t care that you’re going to miss your exit, we care that you don’t cut me off and cause me to go flying over your car and into the middle of the street. It’s really that simple. But no, you, with your hairy ears and wrinkly balls just had to go and cut me off.

2. All you had to do was drive in a straight line to get your oil changed but you were too big of a [email protected] You just couldn’t wait to drop your car through the floor couldn’t ya? Good luck getting that one out.

3. I guess the right move would have been, put your car in park? It’s too bad this asian guy wasn’t driving a rice rocket with a huge handle/spoiler on the back – would have loved to see that get ripped off.

4. Make sure you watch the whole thing, and just try to figure out what this woman was doing. Is she drunk? Is she just, retarded? It’s frightening to know that these people exist.

5. This one has baffled me since the first time I saw it. How do you manage to roll your station wagon on a gate? She literally drives up the gate and capsizes her ride. Wish I could have been there.

6. This is what you get for being a white trash douchebag who bought a new mustang. We all know mustangs are for chicks. It’s like an eclipse, or a jetta. Guys in mustangs are douchebags, just like guys who wear Oakley’s are douchebags – I could go on an on about this…

7. [email protected] thinks he can outrun a road block, and instead gets a healthy pounding to the underbelly of his car. Genius couldn’t want five seconds.

8. Best part about this video is in the last second when the guy’s sandal goes flying off his foot.

9. Got to love how the women check out the bumper to make sure there are no scratches and then just drive away like nothing happened. Can’t say I’d do it any differently, thought I probably would have chosen not to crash into the turnstile.

10. And finally, when you get your truck turned over on a mountain in Afghanistan, make sure you remember this video and what not to do.

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