Top 10 Signs You Drank Too Much

We’ve all done it, but usually when we do, we do it on the couch and wake up with dicks on our face. But if you’ve got no friends and no where to go, you’re likely one of the following top 10.

These are the top 10 signs you drank too much.

10. The gardener doesn’t even wake you

9. You’re walking on train tracks with cones on your head

8. You’re using your hand as a pillow

7. You passed out standing up

6. Foot on the bench, body on the floor

5. No shirt, Mumm’s, champagne flute and a suitcase?

4. Only Batman himself can handle 14 zombies

3. “Slow Hand” can’t handle the booze

2. No sink, no toilet, urinal it is

1. ‘Nuff said

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