Top 10 Questionable News Caption Titles

Screenshots are one of our favorite things to post and this list is definitely one of the better compilations. We’ve done the whole Fox News Screenshot thing, dabbled in Great Sports Freeze Frames, but this list moves into the news realm.

We could have (and probably should have) included our good buddy Mike Litoris, but in an effort to repeat ourselves as infrequently as possible, have decided on the following 10 Moments In Questionable News Caption Titles (and a few that don’t really fit under that heading but could not be omitted).

This one goes out to you Mike (with a hat tip to Haywood Jablome).

10. Probably Should Have Gone By Richard…

9. Which Is Almost As Fast As My Porsche

8. Is That Bad?

7. Interesting…

6. Jiminy Glick?

5. And It Meowed, Licked It’s Ass, And Then Went Away…

4. Aren’t We Forgetting ‘Single Moms’?

3. Depends Who’s On Top

2. Has To Be The Onion

1. Not To Be Racist Or Anything…

Lost A Loved One