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Top 10 Pukings Caught In The Act

**WARNING** – This list might gross you out, but I don’t care.

10. The Hockey Puker

This one really deserves a closer position to the top, but because it’s been around the internet as much as Paris Hilton, I put it at the bottom, even though the bottom is technically the top.

The only thing that would be worse than being the kid(s) getting puked on, is being the guy on the left wearing the brown jacket – nothin’ but class.

9. Inedible Old Man Pukage

At first I thought, what the fruck is up with this guy’s hat, and then I thought, why the dick is this guy’s sweatshirt so god damn long, but the last thing I thought, and the thing I will continue to think until tomorrow has come and gone is, is it just me, or are this guy’s shoes really, really, really, ridiculously tiny?

To shoes, they’re sort of like what pee-wee league footballs are to a regulation sized pro footballs – if that makes any sense at all.

8. The Silent Exploder

Alright, maybe silent is the wrong word for describing this guy. Exploder, on the other hand, is spot on.

This picture makes about as much sense as Keanu Reeve’s acting career.

And speaking of Keanu…

7. The Keanu Combustion

I’m guessing he just saw Constantine.

6. The Canadian Tuxedo Puke

This one really doesn’t fit but I added it for the Canadian Tux – this little guy must have some classy parents. His dad must be either this guy or this guy.

5. The Fraternity Puker

I wish I had a sequence of photos that spans the following few seconds after the above captured moment. I would love to see Johnny D-Bag’s expression transition, as well as what looks like a Mexican Beetlejuice getting pummeled into the ground he stands barely four beet above.

4. Spring Break Pukage

Uh, what’s the old man with gray hair doing in Cancun for spring break?

Shouldn’t you be married? No?

Oh, that’s right, you’re thaaat guy.

3. The Monty Python Degradation Pukage

Sure it’s from a Monty Python flick, but in my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with incorporating a sixteen hundred pound man vomiting all over a Mexican woman for minutes at a time into the list – am I wrong?

2. The Groblovski-Lebowski Wedding Photo Moment Puke Job

Two things I need to bring to light before moving on to the last and final puke moment caught in the act. First, why is Vanilla Ice’s jacket  in the front row so damn small and why does it look like it’s made out of construction paper?

And second, what is wrong with the kid wearing the earth-tone green striped shirt? Look how he’s standing. WTF is that?

1. The Six Flags Puke Bags

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