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Top 10 Moments In Fox News Fail

I don’t intend to finger Fox News as incredible or inaccurate with this top 10 list — they prefer to take care of that on their own.

What I want to call attention to, especially to those Liberals who have never watched Fox News, is that there is in fact entertainment value in watching Fox News (which is why we watch the news anyway, right? If we were interested in real news, we’d be online… which we are).

And while the entertainment value is as high-brow as Flavor of Love with Flavor Flav, it’s entertaining nonetheless.

If you don’t believe me, just watch this clip of Glenn Beck auditioning for a role on Chris Hansen’s show.

10. Really, You’re That Hungry?

9. Very Likely These Numbers Are Off

8. Hopefully It’s A Girl. I Love Me A Fallopian Filet.

7. Important Leads

6. I’m Actually More Concerned About Our President Liking Basketball

Grammar check please.

5. 193% Turnout. Not Bad.

4. Egypt A Little Landlocked, No?

3. Not Often Enough…

Unless you’re Glenn Beck…

2. Speaking of Glenn…

1. Fair and Balanced

Bonus Glenn Beck Video

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