Top 10 Ice Hockey Fails


I’m not a very loyal NHL fan, but I’ll be honest, if there were more moments like the following 10, and if players used their sticks during fights, I’d make more of an attempt to squeeze a Kings game in between the Dodgers and the Lakers.

But until NHL commissioner Gary Bettman finds this list on digg and encourages mid-fight slashing, the following 10 moments will be the closest I get to watching an NHL playoff game.

10. The Manwich

9. This Needs To Happen More During Clippers Games

8. Tonsil Hockey

7. How Many Markers Did You Use On That Thing? Jesus.

6. Welp, Never Bringing Mom To The Game Again…

5. Is That A Kristi Yamaguchi Move?

4. Never Try To Toughen Up Your Gay Son By Teaching Him About Hockey, Juxtaposition Makes It That Much Worse

3. Payback For Justin Bieber And Nickelback

2. Thought Bubbles Need To Be Used Much More Often

1. Is That A Suede Jacket?

Facebook Status Update Fail

I’m Gonna Pass On The Burger, Thanks Though