Top 10: Animal pics that make you say WTF YEAH!

I was bored and was cruising through the Something Awful forums when I came across a post about animal pictures that made you say “F_CK YEAH!” Admittedly, I don’t think I ever uttered the quoted words aloud, though numbers 4 and 1 came pretty close, only with a “What The…” affixed to the “F YEAH!”

There are plenty more at the forum, but in my opinion, these are the top 10 animal pics that made me say WTF YEAH!

10. Cat riding digi-keys in space

9. Comfy goat-horse makes you say “gently caress yeah!”

8. Anteater yeah!

7. Turkeyjob f_ck yeah!

6. WTF Yeah!

5. Zebra getaway

4. Uh… OK, Yeah!?

3. Horsebackhorsebackriding

2. Stoned chipmunk

1. Stormtrooper dogfight F_CK YEAH!

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