Top 10 Ads that make you wonder…

Every once in a while I’ll be at the store and I’ll see a product or an ad for a product that makes me wonder what the f-ck were they thinking when they designed that?

Part of what makes the internet so great is that when people are confronted with an absurd ad in their everyday life, they can snap a picture and upload their sighting for everyone to enjoy. Jay Leno does something similar every Monday on the Tonight Show and it’s really the only reason he gets any laughs. I’ve actually heard that they record a laugh track during his headlines segment and play the tape back over the silent live audience after he tells jokes.

Without further digression, here are the top 10 ads that make you wonder what the f-ck were they thinking?

10. MLK is selling out…

9. I’ve always thought women like guys that don’t read…

8. Racist. Not Racing Game, Racist Game, please.

7. Before I was black, but I’ll never go back!

6. Locum

5. Pedobear recommends…

4. I don’t know what them things is

3. Come again? What flavor?

2. As long as they don’t come with a free glass of whine…

1. $1 discount with mullet?

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