Tila Tequila Hosts TRL, Still Looks Like Alien, No One Watches


I didn’t even bother to do any reasearch on this, and all the facts in this post may be way off. Why try? It’s Tila Tequila, right?

Anyway, she was on TRL, which is a show on MTV that no one watches, and if they do, they watch it in the same way people sometimes put on relaxing music to fall asleep to. The problem is, as terrible as the music is, you just can’t fall asleep for that very reason; because the music is so bad.

The host is equally bad, and I don’t know who it is, it might even be a girl – but remember, this is a post about Tila Tequila (and she gobbles either gender’s groins), so why put in the effort to find out who the host is? She looks like an alien. But at least the show is no longer hosted by Carson Daly (who thankfully now has a show late enough and boring enough that I can barely stay awake through the opening credits).

Anyway, my point here is that Tila Tequila hosted a show that no one watches – Which is perfect for her, because she also has a show that no one watches. I hope more people find out that she appeared on TRL through this post than by actually watching her on TRL the other night.

I don’t know why she doesn’t just get some surgery on her face to make her look more humanish. Jesus she’s disgusting. Talk about putting my boner way…

She actually looks more like E.T. than a traditional alien, if I cared more about this disgusting slob of trash I would photoshop her with the “spielberg touch.”

What do you think?

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