Throwing Things Into Things [0:34]

BS meter is ticking but reddit user Reyer thinks otherwise, commenting “I work as an animator and often edit video and visual effects and this almost certainly uses zero editing tricks.

First of all, if he were faking all these trickshots it would imply that hes standing in front of a green screen then super imposing footage of objects flying into place. Clearly he’s not using a green screen, the camera footage is shaky enough to see that he is indeed holding the camera with his own hand and that the background shakes match up as well as the lighting.
Secondly, he would still have to record a video of an object flying into place for the background plate, which might be easier to do if he was looking at it, but going through the extra effort to green screen and then match up the two footages is way more effort than simply using trial and error.

And finally, the toothbrush shot at around 0:07 seconds is all you really need to realize this guy is legit. He’s got a mirror which shows the whole setup in action, his face, his back + arm holding camera, and you can watch the toothbrush the entire shot. Clearly not a CGI toothbrush because that would be just silly, and clearly no camera cuts.

Not special effects, not trick editing, just a guy who probably tried throwing a piece of toast baked dough into his toaster 50 times while he had his back turned.”

Still not entirely convinced.

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