The Worst Movie You Must See


Tommy Wiseau’s The Room is quite possibly the worst film ever produced, and it is amazing because of this very fact. From the dialogue, to the direction and the acting (all at the hands of producer, writer, director, star Tommy Wiseau) it is tough to believe it was made at all (especially with the film’s $6 million budget!).

If you get a chance to see the film, which is shown at midnight on the last Saturday of every month, at the Sunset 5 Theater on the corner of Sunset and Crescent Heights in Hollywood, and you leave with the viewpoint of, “wow, that was terrible,” you have a poor sense of humor. Because not only is it bad, it is the most terrible movie ever created, and it thrives because of this. The packed theater fills up with fans dressed as characters, yelling things out at the screen and making jokes throughout; it’s really an awesome movie going experience.

A true vanity piece gone awry.

Some movies are funny, and some movies are bad. But this movie is consistent at both. Check out the trailer below.

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