The Monday Linkdump

Just a few links from around the web to get your week started.

The Linkdump:

The first cancelled show of the season is? – [WarmingGlow]

The Mad Men of Gotham – [GeeksAreSexy]

RZA is directing a crazy new movie – [GammaSquad]

Fox making a show based on Battlefield: Bad Company – [TVOvermind]

No more Louie until 2014 – [DeathTaxes]

Seven science facts that will ruin movies – [Ranker]

Watch the new trailer for Hitchcock – [TheBlemish]

11 smart cinematic psychopaths – [Pajiba]

Ultimate facepalm compilation – [WWIW]

Kim Kardashian has a comic book – [PopCrunch]

A gallery of massive trees – [Barnorama]

Nic Cage on a plane – [BroBible]

A genius way to feed the homeless – [Caveman]

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