The Monday linkage my doobage

Sexy Humor: If discretion were petting little catholic school boys, our bastard friends at Screen Junkies would be the Vatican. This is why we like them. So when they set out to display 13 actresses come and gone, well, and one or two that might as well be, we had to link them up.

Sexy: Lucia Tovar is what you call a Latin treat certain to heighten your senses more than coffee ever could.

Cuff ‘Em: About 6,000 fans at a Friday night Colorado football game got to see an influential Democrat’s son run across the field wearing only running shoes and swinging a toy sword. Nice work, that is if you’re working on filing your sex offender papers…

WTF: Tired of having no internet friends? An entrepreneur from Massachusetts is selling his profile for a lean $73,000. Comes equipped with thousands of friends and instructions on spending the rest of your life masturbating at home to Suzanne Somers VHS workout tapes.

Awkwardness: You know that feeling right after you try to slap your girls ass and you miss and punch her in the lower back? Well this is basically the same thing just with high fives. It’s a great gallery.

Celebrity: Traci Bingham takes out her own trash. So technically she takes herself out?

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