The Colbert Bump Cocktail

colbert-lockwoodTo honor President Barack Obama on his birthday, Stephen Colbert invited Esquire’s mixologist David Wondrich – the man behind Alcohol (and how to mix it) – to The Report to loosen up the mood with a few Depression and Civil War era cocktails.

Wondrich takes Colbert back to the Great Depression and mixes The Original Daiquiri – consisting of (smuggled) Cuban rum, sugar, and the juice of half a lime, shaken over ice.

Next on the menu, Wondrich blends a Civil War era drink made with whiskey, bitters, sugar, and a hint of lime – which Stephen suggests could have possibly been the cause of the war.

Finally, Wondrich unveils the greatest Colbert Bump of all time – The Colbert Bump Cocktail –  a special blend of cherry liqueur (cherry brandy), a few “liberal” pours of good ole’ Republican gin, and lemon juice (to keep away the scurvy). It may not be the manliest drink at the bar (could also be called the cherry blossom?), but if you order The Colbert Bump the next time you’re at the bar, you will undoubtedly get laid – I promise (you just might have to cross the tracks and head to West Hollywood to do so).

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