The Best Of Unnecessary Censorship

Yes you guessed it. It’s a picture or Ryan Seacrest fu*king a flamingo… And I know you’re thinking when did this happen? But are you really all that surprised? C’mon, it’s Ryan “the only reason I haven’t come out of the closet yet is to save my drowning career” Seacrest…

Rarely do you get to hear Dick Cheney explain nonchalantly, “Just the other day I had this strange feeling in my chest. I wound myself short of breath, shi*ting uncontrollably,” or watch Ryan Seacrest Fu*k a flamingo like he was born to, but in these two amazing compilations, you get all that and more…

And one more for good measure…

And why not a little Mr. Roger’s action as well…

“Think of the things you could do now that you couldn’t do when you were a little baby… Can you Fu*k yourself now?” — Classic.

What do you think?

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