Study confirms, women with massive chins more likely to cheat

Actress Meg Ryan attends the premiere of "The Deal" at Eccles Theatre during 2008 Sundance Film Festival on January 22, 2008 in Park City, Utah.In a study conducted at four universities across the US and Canada, researchers found that women with prominent chins are both less attractive to men, and more likely to cheat on their partners.

Telegraph reports,

“Larger chins on women are often caused by a high level of the male growth hormone testosterone, present in all women in various amounts.

The hormone also increases sexual assertiveness in a woman, a tendency more commonly attributed to males.”

The study concluded that men find masculine looking women undesirable when seeking long-term partners because they fear being cuckolded–though it’s more widely believed that men simply prefer dating women that look female and not male.

As noted by Telegraph, famous wash-up Meg Ryan (who is expected to appear next month on Fox’s Dancing With The C-List Actors/Waiters) has a chinormous jaw, she looks like a man, and she cheated on Dennis Quaid with her co-star Russell Crowe–what more evidence does one need to conclude that big chins=big sluts?

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