Steve Sutton Presents: How To Make Iced Tea (After You Kill A Guy And Bury The Body In Your Backyard)

08-09-06-suttonIf there were a way to quantify YouTube uploaders and rank them in descending order on a scale of quality, Steve Sutton would comfortably sit at the bottom of the list – just below Alabama native Tawnisha Jones and her canon of standard definition ass-shaking videos.

Less is more when it comes to Steve Sutton’s biography, but it helps to know the man’s key selling points, and for this we thank Something Awful for providing a thorough Q&A. It goes something like:

Q: Who do you live with?
A: My mom, brother, nephew and niece.
Q: Where do you work?
A: I’m currently unemployed.
Q: Are you looking for work?
A: After looking for five years, I gave up.

It’s nice of Steve to give something back to the community that’s been paying his internet bills for the past 5+ years. My iced tea no longer tastes like cardboard.

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