Stephen Colbert On Larry King

For all of you who missed Stephen Colbert on Larry King last night, you really missed something special. So I scoured the internet long and hard (thanks youtube) and found the pot of gold at the end of my colorful and arching quest for the man who could have, and should have been on the Democratic ticket.

Unfortunately for me, and the rest of the Not So United States of America, Colbert dropped out. But unlike his candidacy, his wit is still with him. Commenting on Barack Obama’s support from young people, Colbert suggests, “He’s inviting people to take deep tokes, from his bong, packed with hope,” and he couldn’t be more correct. He’s found a way to connect with our nation’s youth and God Dammit it’s working! However, I still think Colbert is the better choice, and you will too after you watch this four part series…

“Change, Change, Change!”

“It’s Hillary Clinton saying, ‘I will make your life better, by giving each of you a brand new Mercedes.'”

And Finally…

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