Sometimes Hollywood Celebrities Gotta Hit Dat Joint: Celebs And Drugs


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1. Kirsten Dunst believes the world would be a better place if everyone smoked pot. And its not that I don’t agree with her mindset, but I’m curious as to how the world would be “better.” What, in this context, does better even mean? Higher? Stoned-er? Apathetic-er?

“I drink moderately, I’ve tried drugs. I do like pot. I have a different outlook on marijuana than America does… I’ve never been a major smoker, but I think America’s view on pot is ridiculous. I mean – are you kidding me? If everyone smoked pot, the world would be a better place.”

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2. Mischa Barton loves the joint. And I don’t blame her; after her stint on The OC she’s been in some real blockbusters… Virgin Territory, Walled In, Closing The Ring. Now that’s hitting the big time. But seriously, she shouldn’t be spending all her money on dank, she could end up going broke like Lindsay Lohan after spending $70k on sunless tanning lotion.

Check out Mischa HERE – And HERE – OH, And HERE Too

3. Paris Hilton loves pot as well. Yea it’s old news, but there’s really nothing else Paris has done that’s worth talking about. Well maybe that sexy tape she was in. Or that other sex tape she was in…

Paris loves the DANK – And some MORE – And AGAIN… OK this is getting OLD

4. Justin Timberlake did the dope dance on Punk’d. When questioned by Entertainment Weekly on the experience, he explains (though I think it’s actually a retrospective excuse for crying on national television):

“I’ll give you a little hint on that Punk’d thing. That was back in my first-album creative days. That’s why I looked the way I did, if that makes any sense to you.”

To which Ent. Weekly asked if he was high. His response?

“Incredibly. Yeah, that was a trippy experience. That was why I was completely glassy-eyed. As a matter of fact, I was like, okay, I got to stop doing this. I don’t do that anymore!

Observer Music Monthly got the good stuff from Timberlake, no longer beating around the bush:

“I’m just like everyone else…I’ve done my fair share of drugs…The drugs that I do have been done in my own private time. I’ve never been arrested – though that’s not to say that I won’t. I’ve done way too many drugs already. I’ve already inhaled and I’ve already – who knows?”

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5. Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore pass the joint in Hawaii. I’m just hoping Diaz gets the munchies, eats up, and puts a little more meat on her skinny bones. Actually let me retract that statement and direct you here, she looks damn sexy! Full figure, nice clean stomach, no gnarly hip bones pokin’ out (though that could just be the photoshop effect)

For the Diaz-Drew Pot tokin’ go HERE

6. George Clooney has a way of making everything sound ok. He’s the kind of guy that could say, “sure I killed the guy, but hey, he deserved it. I was civil about it, one shot to the head. Bam. Boom. And I was outa there. No big deal,” and the cops would just nod their heads and say, “well drive safely and try not to do it again.” He’s just got that aura. And when questioned by Us Magazine, he coolly admits:

“I’ve slept with too many women, done too many drugs and been to too many parties. I loved acid when I was at college. It was an escape. I liked mushrooms. They were like easy acid. I did like blow…Blow would dress you up for a party, but never take you there. You’re always like, This is going to be great! Then you’re just depressed.”

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7. Colin Farrell has a shadier past, and thus his tone, less eloquent. Much like his demeanor and his shaving habits, his words are a bit rough around the edges. He’s a blunt man, but as for blunts, he’s more of a hash man. He tells US Magazine:

“I ended up on a shrink’s couch, and he told me to write down how much I did in a week: 20 E’s, 4 grams of coke, six of speed, half an ounce of hash, three bottles of Jack Daniel’s, 12 bottles of red wine, 60 pints.”



And of course the list goes on and on but why name the people who have been doing them for years – Keith Richards, Every Rock Star alive (and dead), Robert Downey Jr, Whitney Houston, Lindsay Lohan (though, again, she’s more likely to overdose on prescription sunless tanner), John Stewart etc…

Something I found very interesting however, is the stance Jack White from The White Stripes takes on drugs – he doesn’t. The look and sound of the Detroit duo reminds of the sixties, and his loathe for the digital era (at least musically) furthers this image. And as we’ve learned, the 60’s, music, and drugs go hand in hand – but not for Jack White who tells The Observer:

‘I would recognize characteristics in people like ego and temper and say, I’m not going to do that. And it got to the point where I became so self-conscious that I sort of had a nervous breakdown when I was 19. I couldn’t handle it: I was becoming very paranoid and extremely anti-myself. I wouldn’t let myself enjoy anything. And remnants of that are still there. I don’t do drugs, I don’t get drunk, I don’t vote. Girls I don’t do. With this whole band, it’s obvious how much we’re forcing ourselves and limiting ourselves all the time.’

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