There’s Nothing More Manly Than Shooting A .577 T-REX, Right?

There’s nothing more manly than firing a .577 Tyrannosaur round. Just make sure to comb-over your bald spot so that any observing women won’t notice you’re getting thin on top as you shoot the turban off your head and fall into the stack of Guns & Ammo Magazines that sit 15 feet behind you.

This cartridge has the distinction of possessing the heaviest free recoil of all commercially available, shoulder-fired weapons at 220 lbs into the shoulder. So If you weigh 145 lbs and are wearing a long white dress, prepare to get James Harrisoned.

The Monday High Quality Picdump (88 HQ Pictures) 73

The Monday High Quality Picdump (88 HQ Pictures)

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Female Fails 2012 Compilation