Semi-Attractive Blonde Beats Speeding Tickets With “I’m Pretty” Sign

image5303306x In Washington State, Dasha, the only semi-attractive blonde in the state took her friend’s advice and painted “ATTN: Police Please Do Not Pull Me Over Just Because I’m Pretty” onto her car window and claims the move has been successful.

The blonde told reporters that she’d been pulled over 30 or more times because of her self-claimed good looks, but after affixing the message to the rear-window of her car a month ago, has not been pulled over since.

This is what happens when a semi-attractive woman with (or without) an accent moves to Washington – virtually the same thing happens in the To Catch A Predator pederast bait chat rooms.

A Girl! Fap, Fap Fap…

Dasha is the BubblyBabe16 of Washington State.

Check out the interview here.

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