Scarlett Johansson Takes Strange Pictures Links

Drunk guy owned by magic marker – Camel Tap
Playboy’s Girls of the Big Ten causing drama – Busted Coverage
The Volleythong. It just sounds sexy. – On 205th
Emmanuelle Chriqui knows how to party – Cuzoogle
Screaaaamin’ A has a run in with a blogger in Vegas – Brahsome
Will Ferrell answers your questions – Tasty Booze
10 NFL player blogs that need to come out soon – Uncoached

Greatest TV hangouts – YepYep
Cristiano’s in love with a stripper – The Angry T
A man gets raped by a donkey – Blog of Hilarity
Some bikini poon for ya – Mac Gs World
Jenny McCarthy’s sister is a POA – BBI
Mischa Barton’s nip slip – Derober

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