Ruler can’t measure these links

Penguin Escapes Killer Whales, Hangs Out On Boat   (YepYep)
Canned: Popular food critic (9 to Fried)
The Cleveland Cavaliers Dancers released their calendar (Epic Carnival)
Win David Cook’s new CD (Gravy and Biscuits)
UM, MSU get on their knees and suck rivals…literally (The World of Isaac)

Hot Oklahoma Sooners Girls (Gunaxin)
1 yr old girl is knocked up (Afrojacks)
Who’s the Hottest Food Network Chick? (MoonDog Sports)
HHR Exclusive:  Iron Mike’s Shanghai Surprise  (Hugging Harold Reynolds)
Paris Hilton pulls off the slutty Dominatrix look with style (Celebridiot)
Taya Parker – January 08 Penthouse Pet SFW (The Bachelor Guy)

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