Rinspeed’s iChange, first car that adapts to number of passengers


ZUMIKON, SWITZERLAND: Rinspeed’s iChange. The Swiss automaker Rinspeed will introduce the iChange at the Geneva Motor Show 2009 on March 5th-15th.

The iChange may sound like an Apple product, but there’s nothing fruity about the world’s first car whose body adapts to the number of passengers on board. For Rinspeed boss Rinderknecht the vehicle is more than just a clever concept car. The iChange is a symbol for the fundamental changes the auto industry undergoes worldwide (we thought the industry was headed toward the hybrid and the electric, but we were sadly mistaken)…

Wait a minute–Engadget reports,

“As for the specs, it’s got a 150 kilowatt motor, top speed of about 137MPH, solar panel roofing to power the A/C, a Harman/Kardon infotainment system with GPS navigation, goes 0 to 62MPH in under four seconds, and is all powered by lithium ion batteries available in two different stack configurations optimized for short and long trips, respectively.”

Touché iChange, touché.

If you can’t make it out to the Geneva Motor Show 2009, wait for it in a dealership near you in the Fall of no time soon.

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