Reading Between The Craigslist Lines, Volume 1.

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Date: 2008-07-23, 9:48AM PDT

I am currently a college student

at Devry

living on her own

because no one can stand me

and I would really appreciate help

cause life is hard and stuff!

from a Handsome and caring man.

someone who wants pussy but doesn’t want to do that whole prostitution thing.

I want someone who is not greedy

like me

and who is willing to spoil me…..

because I’m greedy.

I am a beautiful Spanish girl (from spain)

(my parents were born there, but I have no idea how to speak the language.)

and I know that there is a great man

rich man

out there who is willing to help me out.

reckless with his money.

Being a college student does not allow me to make the money that I need to make

because I have no discernable talent and earn minimum wage

so take me into consideration

cause no one else in the world is struggling to make ends meet

and be the one to spoil me

stupid enough to give me your credit card.

…….. I wanna be your princess!!!!

I’ll even pretend to be Sleeping Beauty when you come over, so you can do whatever you want to me.

I want this to be very private

because even I’m embarassed to be such a gold digging whore.

so I will send you a picture once you contact me….

if my eloquent prose hasn’t won your heart, I’m hoping you’re so desperate that you don’t mind that I look like Patrick Ewing and Janet Reno’s lovechild.

Please send a picture

Not that it matters, I don’t really care if you look like a sea donkey. Just have money.

with your respond!!!

Remember, I’m in college!

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