Prince Plays Radiohead’s Creep at Coachella 2008

[digg-me]ATTENTION! Apparently every Prince video on you tube has been taken down by NPG Records (which is owned by Prince), so I’ve removed the no longer working embedded video. However, I’ll allow myself to briefly vent.

In the past week or so I’ve written quite a bit on Radiohead and how I appreciate their online release of In Rainbows, but am disappointed that they still use Ticketmaster to sell show tickets. But in light of all of this, Prince takes down six videos of himself performing a cover of someone else’s song? Come on Prince, It’s not costing you album sales, so the case better be that you illegally performed Radiohead’s Creep without their permission. Is it that now you don’t want it to get out? I doubt it.

I have a feeling it’s the same corporate cockblock I mentioned earlier. Anything with you in it is copyright “infringement.” I’m not going to continue on, it’s just stupid that the paying public’s videos must be deleted. If anyone gets a working link to a stream of the video, send it to [email protected]

And in case someone does, I’ll leave my previous post below –

Over the weekend thousands of Southern Californians flooded to Coachella, one of the premiere live music shows to date, to see Roger Waters, Chromeo, My Morning Jacket, Autolux, Aphex Twin, The Verve, The Raconteurs, SebastiAn and Prince (among others; go away Jack Johnson). Little did fans know, they were about to see a guest appearance by the one and only Radiohead.

Only, fans weren’t really that lucky, because Radiohead didn’t actually show. Instead, Prince acted as a surrogate, harboring Radiohead’s baby, “Creep,” deep inside his melodious womb – and birthed it in an explosion of Creepy reverb and gain; part Radiohead, but also part Prince – A little angry, a bit depressed, slightly physically handicapped, and completely flamboyant.

It was clean and pretty [email protected] – Not too much excrement. Check it out.

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