Popularity of Beer Pong Leads to Cold Sore Transmission

(AP ATLANTA) A new report today from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports that HSV-1, the virus that causes cold sores is on the rise for beer pong players aged 17-21. The precipitous jump (up 230% from 2007) has caused concern for a number of school officials and parents.

“This epidemic is something we should pay close attention to. We’re aware that we cannot outright prevent [beer pong], so we have provided new red cups available to all students in the dorms,” said President of Arizona State University, Michael M. Crow.

President Crow supported prohibition-only alcohol education before his term but has since changed his position.

Adding, “As young adults, the responsibility falls on their shoulders to make the best possible decisions. At the end of the day, we hope they take a long look before playing.”

Of those polled, 9 out of 10 would practice unsafe pong with this player.

Janet Henderson, whose son Jake is a sophomore at Harvard, wants him to think long and hard.

“Ideally, I’d love for my son to wait until he gets his diploma before playing, but kids will be kids. I did all I could to teach him the consequences of unprotected beer pong play, but he needs to make the decision for himself.”

Janet recalled, “His father and I met after he made a double bounce to send it to three cup overtime. I fell in love with his smooth, quick release . It was perfectly timed and he could hit his target when the pressure was on.”

Dr. Cole Desorio, a CDC spokesman, urges students to find new games to play,

“Flip cup is great because each individual has their own cup. If it’s absolutely necessary to play beer pong, use the waterfall method. Many young adults, when asked if they practice safe pong, responded that they rinse the ball after it bounces off the table. CDC statistics have shown that rinsing has a negligible effect on the prevention of HSV transmission.” He went on the record, “We’re here to educate students on the dangers of [beer] pong and other casual drinking games. If we can get just one person to abstain, we’ve done our job.”

CDC Safe Pong Tips:

-Discard cups after every use, reusing cups can compromise their protective integrity
-Get tested regularly
-Stacking cups can spread the risk of transmission of HSV
-Beirut is not a safer alternative to beer pong
-Remember! Alcohol may impair the ability to practice pong safely

BIH Safe Pong Tips:

– Use a clean beer pong table rather than a closet door.

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