Pedobear’s Been Writing Lullabies

Hide your kiddies, people.

Lucky Male Figure Skater (TotalProSports)
TV Without Green Screen (SuperTremendous)
Beer Bong Babes (Coed)
Do You Dig Chick Rockers? (LemonDrop)
Katy McPhee Gets Tapped (PopCrunch)
Road To The Oscars (ScreenJunkies)
The Mustache March is Near (BroBible)
India Reynolds is Way Hot (TotallyCrap)
Sci Fi is Here (Cracked)
Super Mario Galaxy Review (G4TV)
Hot Girls On the Internets (DoubleViking)
Now This is How You Use a Mirror (EvilChili)
Vince Vaughn Is Bad ass  (CelebSlam)
The Thundercats Cake (Walyou)

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