Paris Hilton Spotted In Rio de Janeiro… On Chatroulette

The other night Paris Hilton was spotted by a banged girl (**insert Paris Hilton getting banged reference**) on Chatroulette while vacationing in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil . Why does this matter, you ask? It doesn’t, except to prove that there are in (questionable) fact, not just one, but two female Chatroulette users.

Chatroulette, if you are not familiar with the service, is generating buzz on the internetosphere for its extremely lopsided penis-to-face ratio. Throw Paris Hilton in the mix of guys shaking their dicks, and you’ve got yourself nothing we haven’t already seen before.

If you think this screenshot is shopped, trust me, I logged into Chatroulette immediately after I saw it, and after sifting through a relentless barrage of cock fodder, caught a glimpse of Paris, but at that exact moment my Norton Anti-Virus failed me and my floppy drive began burning, all the while secreting a curdled yellow and greenish froth.

I’m now switching from Norton to Trojan.

Though our time spent was short, thank you Paris for leaving me with something to remember you by.

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