Oakland A’s owner wants single-elim playoffs

NEW YORK (AP) – Oakland A’s owner Lew Wolff proposed a way to shorten the 19 game MLB postseason on Wednesday, suggesting:

“I’d make it one-game-and-you’re-out for the first series. It would be exciting. It would be great.”

Though his proposal really wouldn’t change the fact that Wolff spends most October months vacationing in Barbados, the Oakland Athletics rare 7 game appearance in the 2006 postseason meant that Wolff was forced away for too long from his true passion: not being at the ballpark.

“In ’06 we took the Twins in three games only to get swept by the Tigers in the ALCS. If we had a one-game-and-you’re-out scenario against Minnesota, we would have only had to play 5 postseason games total.”

Technically Wolff is correct, and even though true A’s fans might be disappointed in his position on the issue, the owner’s job is not looking out for the fans best interests, but rather looking out for the best travel deals he can find on Southwest Airlines’ convenient Ding! widget. Wolff continues:

“Personally, I would also make the League Championship Series a best of two series. If we split the series 1-1, I would have no problem tipping my hat, saying ‘well played,’ and conceding the season. I have a catchy motto that I learned from Alex Rodriguez, it goes ‘play baseball in October and you’ve got to be sober, lose in the first round, tons of pussy you will pound.’ I like that motto.”

Acquiring Matt Holliday from the Colorado Rockies means Wolff will have to compromise his pitching staff if he has any hope of not making the playoffs or at least losing in the first round in 2009.

Alex Rodriguez is batting .150 in the postseason since 2005.

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