Nothing Like Longpig to Round Out Your Jambalaya

It’s easy to call photoshop on every picture you see on the interwebs because that’s all you have to do, but for the sake of the guy’s social life that presumably “shopped” this screenshot (at least to the skeptic), I defend its authenticity.

I understand that this is the internet and that this guy does actually exist, but I hate to think that somewhere in the midwest, a lonely photoshopographer saw the above news story, paused the telecast, grabbed his digicam, snaped, uploaded and photoshopped this otherwise meaningless screenshot all for the sake of fooling me into defending it.

But if in fact lonely sweater guy shopped this – well then fu©k you, guy.

Seriously though, go to www.fox13.cock for recipes…

Oh, and if you don’t know what longpig is you need to do more cannibalizing.

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