New England Patriots – Cheers to 50 Years

Even if you can’t stand them, their fans, or the fact that Tom Brady sleeps with one of your lifelong fantasies every night, you have to respect what the New England Patriots have accomplished in the last half a century.

The Pats have made 16 playoff appearances, won 11 Division Championships, 6 Conference Championships, and have won 3 Superbowl titles (all of which have come in the last 10 years).

To honor their success, Gillette created this tributary video.

In case you were wondering, the cast includes:

Players singing – Matt Light, Adalius Thomas, Dan Koppen, and Logan Mankins
Cheers Star – John Ratzenberger (Cliff), shot of the Bull & Finch Bar
Super Fans – The Flag Lady (Karen Hourigan) and The License Plate Guy (Jason Scheinbart)

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