Mena Suvari, Kelly Brook spokesmodels for Chinese condom company

fp_1983764_mena_suvari_s_photos_being_used_in_chinese_condom_ads_Have you ever woke in the morning to realize that for months you have been secretly working without pay as the spokesmodel for a China based condom company?


Mena Suvari and Kelly Brook have.

A Chinese condom company is using photographs of the British model and Hollywood actress to erect the struggling company in the midst of a flaccid contraception market–without paying the women their deserved royalties–pretty surprising for a Chinese company.

Not so surprisingly, the Kelly Brook condoms are outperforming the Suvari prophylactics at an exponential rate.

What does this all mean?

Chinese males have material to masturbate to when their unused, dusty, Kelly Brook condoms reach their expiration date.

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