Matthew Stafford x Marisa Miller x AXE = Free Stuff

Marisa Miller gives professional quarterback (if you consider the Detroit Lions professional) Matthew Stafford Hair Action at AXE Lounge at LIV in Miami on Feb. 6.

What is Hair Action?  It’s when a girl can’t resist playing with a guy’s hair after he’s used AXE Hair products, and it often leads to something more. Matthew Stafford gets a lot of it and wants guys out there to get more. Check out how Stafford gets Hair Action in his everyday life –

February through March, Matthew will issue a new Hair Action challenge every two weeks on, calling for guys and girls to upload photos and videos of themselves getting or giving Hair Action (c’mon people, let’s keep it sfw please… no one wants to see you blowing a load of AXE’s Lure Conditioner all over the face of your Payton Manning Fathead).

AXE Hair will reward one entrant from each challenge with tickets to a major sporting event in 2010 and daily winners will receive exclusive AXE Hair prize packs.

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