Man High On Bath Salts Breaks Into Random Family’s Home, Puts Up Christmas Decorations

Terry Trent, 44, has been charged with burglary after calmly breaking into an Ohio family’s home and putting up their Christmas decorations.

The NY Daily News reports,

Cops in Vandalia, north of Dayton, say Terry Trent, 44, was high on the designer drug when he broke into a family’s home, put up some Christmas decorations and then plopped down on a couch to watch television, local station WHIO reported.

An 11-year-old boy who lives in the house found the strung-out stranger and called his mother, Tamara Henderson, who was at a neighbor’s house.

She said, “What do you mean a man is in our house? You don’t know if he has a gun or if he has a knife?” the station reported.

Henderson called 911, and Trent was arrested without incident.

Cops say he was armed with a pocket knife.

But Henderson suspects the decorating bandit was just looking for a festive spot to soak in his buzz.

“The candle was lit on the coffee table, the television was on and very loud,” she told the station.

“He had said to [my son] ,’I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. I’ll get my things and go.'”

Now that is what I call the holiday spirit — and they’re trying to make snorting bath salts illegal, shows how much they know.

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