Kings of Leon’s Back Down South On Storytellers Leads The Links

Kings of Leon perform Back Down South on VH1’s Storytellers and tell a little bit about how the song was conceived. Still waiting to see the lap steel come out on stage.

“I either write a lot when I’m drunk or I drink a lot when I write.”

Today’s Link Roundup:

The best links of the internets – [Linkiest]

This is how the PGA flies – [BustedCoverage]

Election had an alternate ending? – [FilmDrunk]

Donald Trump not running for President – [WarmingGlow]

25 awesome pieces of art with money – [HolyTaco]

Serena Williams must remove Twitter avatar – [Izismile]

Bin Laden channel surfs – [CollegeHumor]

Today’s girl is Minka Kelly – [Maxim]

Zombie Pikachu comes to life – [ForkParty]

Hannah vs. Hannah Barbera – [SmokingJacket]

Victoria’s Secret bombshell summer campaign – [BroBible]

Six Disney villains who were really heroes – [Guyism]

Women falling in romantic comedies – [Attuworld]

Bagel vs. Donut war – [CavemanCircus]

Bridesmaids big girl gets two roles – [UGO]

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